University of Technology Sydney

CBK92233 UG Study Abroad and Exchange Session 1 Choice

013992  Aboriginal Sydney Now 6cp 
013993  Aboriginal Sydney Now 8cp 
22108  Accounting and Accountability 6cp 
65323  Advanced Imaging and Specialist Recovery 6cp 
91567  Advanced Microscopy and Imaging 8cp 
21603  Advocacy and Social Change 6cp 
11273  Architectural Studio 1 12cp 
11274  Architectural Studio 2 12cp 
36200  Arguments, Evidence and Intuition 6cp 
36201  Arguments, Evidence and Intuition 8cp 
50816  Audio Cultures 8cp 
21658  Australian Sport System 6cp 
85840  Biodesign 6cp 
92512  Biomechanics of Human Motion 6cp 
41161  Biomedical Industry Frameworks 6cp 
91142  Biotechnology 6cp 
21513  Business Ethics and Sustainability 6cp 
31269  Business Requirements Modelling 6cp 
26134  Business Statistics 6cp 
21214  Business and Social Impact 6cp 
31016  Career Management for IT Professionals 6cp 
91161  Cell Biology and Genetics 6cp 
65111  Chemistry 1 6cp 
60101  Chemistry and Materials Science 6cp 
97101  Chinese Language and Culture 1 8cp 
54000  Citizenship and Communication 8cp 
92515  Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking 6cp 
54002  Communicating Difference 8cp 
52713  Communicating Health and Science 6cp 
31265  Communication for IT Professionals 6cp 
52672  Comparing Indigenous Histories and Politics 6cp 
16313  Construction Industry Economics 6cp 
976111  Contemporary China 8cp 
976411  Contemporary France 8cp 
976421  Contemporary Germany 8cp 
976431  Contemporary Italy 8cp 
976211  Contemporary Japan 8cp 
976451  Contemporary Spain 8cp 
52662  Creative Advertising 6cp 
87549  Creative Code 6cp 
21662  Creative Industries in the Collaborative Economy 6cp 
99211  Cultures of Globalisation 6cp 
88011  Darkroom Photography 6cp 
92526  Data Management in Sport and Exercise 6cp 
31061  Database Principles 6cp 
52716  Design Thinking for Social Innovation 6cp 
33116  Design, Data, and Decisions 6cp 
59719  Developing English: Studies of Australian Workplaces 6cp 
59718  Developing English: Studies of the Australian Natural Environment 6cp 
54001  Digital Literacies 8cp 
52680  Digital Media Industries 6cp 
52682  Digital Media Metrics 6cp 
87669  Digital Photomedia 6cp 
84124  Digital Systems for Sustainable Production 6cp 
65325  Digital Trace and Identity 6cp 
37181  Discrete Mathematics 6cp 
21699  Diversity Management 6cp 
23510  Economic Inequality 6cp 
23115  Economics for Business 6cp 
52660  Emergent Public Relations 6cp 
21639  Event Impacts and Legacies 6cp 
21640  Event Management 6cp 
21650  Event Promotion and Sponsorship 6cp 
21637  Event and Entertainment Contexts 6cp 
52651  Exploring Media Arts 6cp 
54420  Figure Drawing for Animation 6cp 
16634  Financial Analysis 6cp 
35255  Forensic Statistics 6cp 
35010  Foundation Mathematics 6cp 
70102  Foundations of Law 8cp 
97401  French Language and Culture 1 8cp 
25300  Fundamentals of Business Finance 6cp 
48430  Fundamentals of C Programming 6cp 
31260  Fundamentals of Interaction Design 6cp 
97601  German Language and Culture 1 8cp 
52712  Global Cinema 6cp 
99204  Global Governance 8cp 
21511  Global Operations and Supply Chain Management 6cp 
26101  Health Economics and Evaluation 6cp 
91562  Health and Homeostasis 1 6cp 
92524  Health and Lifespan Development 6cp 
52671  Histories of the Present 6cp 
86006  History and Theory 1 6cp 
86007  History and Theory 2 6cp 
91400  Human Anatomy and Physiology 6cp 
88304  Illustration: Media and Techniques 6cp 
52692  Imagining the Real 6cp 
21643  Innovation Lab 6cp 
21227  Innovation and Entrepreneurship 6cp 
99200  Intercultural Communication 6cp 
21657  International Sport Management 6cp 
95725  Interpersonal Communication 6cp 
48310  Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering 6cp 
31250  Introduction to Data Analytics 6cp 
41082  Introduction to Data Engineering 6cp 
48230  Introduction to Engineering Projects 6cp 
95729  Introduction to Epidemiology 6cp 
95728  Introduction to Health Statistics 6cp 
95727  Introduction to Health Systems 6cp 
21555  Introduction to Human Resource Management 6cp 
31266  Introduction to Information Systems 6cp 
48080  Introduction to Innovation 6cp 
21514  Introduction to International Business 6cp 
70110  Introduction to Law 6cp 
48610  Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 6cp 
41099  Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering 6cp 
88805  Introduction to Photography 6cp 
88801  Introduction to Photography for Design and Architecture 6cp 
95726  Introduction to Public Health 6cp 
16006  Introduction to Resilient Development 6cp 
16004  Introduction to Spatial Analysis 6cp 
21510  Introduction to Strategy 6cp 
97801  Italian Language and Culture 1 8cp 
97201  Japanese Language and Culture 1 8cp 
21644  Law and Ethics for Managers 6cp 
83122  Machine-knitted Textiles 6cp 
21228  Management Consulting 6cp 
21440  Management Skills 6cp 
21037  Managing Employee Relations 6cp 
21665  Managing Legal Issues 6cp 
21646  Managing Professional Sport 6cp 
21664  Managing Risk and Opportunity 6cp 
21036  Managing Strategic Performance 6cp 
24109  Marketing and Customer Value 6cp 
52703  Media Influence 6cp 
52640  Media Law and Ethics 6cp 
87559  Motion Graphics 6cp 
52690  Narrative in Theory and Practice 6cp 
91123  Nature and Evolution 6cp 
41092  Network Fundamentals 6cp 
52641  News Now 6cp 
21649  Olympic Games and Sport Mega-Events 6cp 
21212  People and Organisations 6cp 
80035  Photography and the Body 6cp 
68037  Physical Modelling 6cp 
68101  Physics 1 6cp 
91429  Physiological Bases of Human Movement 6cp 
65242  Principles of Forensic Science 6cp 
41039  Programming 1 6cp 
48023  Programming Fundamentals 6cp 
16655  Property Finance 6cp 
16657  Property Investment and Portfolio Management 6cp 
16642  Property Investment and Valuation 6cp 
16231  Property Management 6cp 
16643  Property Market Research and Analysis 6cp 
16641  Property Rights and Landlord Tenant Law 6cp 
95730  Psychosocial Perspectives in Health 6cp 
23508  Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business 6cp 
85502  Researching Design Histories 6cp 
79036  Retirement and Estate Planning 6cp 
60006  Scientific Perspectives for Global Issues 6cp 
52670  Self and Society 6cp 
22566  Small Business Management and Accounting 6cp 
21654  Socio-political Context of Management 6cp 
97501  Spanish Language and Culture 1 8cp 
21656  Sport Marketing and Media 6cp 
21655  Sport and Society 6cp 
16333  Statutory Valuation and Compensation 6cp 
52661  Strategic Communication in Society 6cp 
23506  Strategic Decision Making and Game Theory 6cp 
21407  Strategic Human Resource Management 6cp 
92523  Strength and Conditioning 6cp 
92511  Structural Anatomy 6cp 
48320  Surveying 6cp 
99221  Sustainability in Context 6cp 
31282  Systems Testing and Quality Management 6cp 
95009  TD: Change-making for social impact 6cp 
95017  TD: Change-making for social impact + 8cp 
95006  TD: Envisioning futures worth wanting 6cp 
95014  TD: Envisioning futures worth wanting + 8cp 
95002  TD: Reframing, remixing, reimagining society 6cp 
95010  TD: Reframing, remixing, reimagining society + 8cp 
95003  TD: Sustainability in an interconnected world 6cp 
95011  TD: Sustainability in an interconnected world + 8cp 
79017  Taxation Law 6cp 
88006  Textiles: Dye Methods 6cp 
88007  Textiles: Surface Form 6cp 
85001  The Bio Kitchen 6cp 
91107  The Biosphere 6cp 
52718  The Social Life of Technology 6cp 
83119  Thinking Fashion 6cp 
85503  Thinking Through Design 6cp 
21591  Transnational Management 6cp 
52681  Understanding Digital Audiences 6cp 
21512  Understanding Organisations: Theory and Practice 6cp 
16235  Urban Economics 6cp 
16233  Urban Planning Process 6cp 
91100  Urban Sustainability and Resilience 6cp 
87749  User Experience Design 6cp 
88308  VC Moving Image Design: Animation 6cp 
87659  VC Moving Image Design: Video 6cp 
83622  Visualising Fashion 1 6cp 
31268  Web Systems 6cp 
87539  Webmedia 6cp 
52691  Writing and Editing Foundations 6cp