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95017 TD: Change-making for social impact +

Requisite(s): 36 credit points of completed study in any Bachelor's Degree OR 36 credit points of completed study in any Bachelor's Combined Degree
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 95009 TD: Change-making for social impact


This subject develops students’ capacity to understand and lead change in response to emergent complex problems that call for a transdisciplinary approach. Students in multidisciplinary teams connect with live industry and community partner briefs and examine these complex problems as they unfold on the ground. Students identify those most impacted, and are challenged to deal with rapid response timeframes, dynamic conditions and resource constraints, amongst other complexities, as they become known. This subject provides a creative, safe space for collaboration, thinking differently and experimentation to generate viable proposals for collective action to create social impact. Through this process, students develop strategies for navigating change, uncertainty, and a capacity to take proactive steps when facing the unknowns for the rest of their professional lives.

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