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95010 TD: Reframing, remixing, reimagining society +

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Anti-requisite(s): 81539 Impossibilities to Possibilities


In this subject, students interrogate their personal and disciplinary mental models, worldviews, biases and assumptions to explore how complex societal problems are currently framed. Students examine a range of alternative perspectives from across disciplinary and professional areas and work in multidisciplinary teams to playfully remix them in order to generate alternative approaches to challenges posed by industry or community partners. A range of creative methods are used to cultivate a culture of curiosity, experimentation, and inventiveness, while also identifying and dealing with unknowns. Through generating novel responses to real-world challenges, students develop awareness about their own disciplinary practices and thinking; they learn to collaborate across differences, generate insights well beyond their discipline, and use these insights to create new avenues for action in the real-world.

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