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48320 Surveying

6cp; 2hpw (workshop), 3hpw (fieldwork/ tutorial)



This subject enables students to become competent in the theory and practice of basic surveying skills, and being able to use basic surveying equipment such as levels and theodolites. Students learn how to perform the calculations and reductions of observations associated with this equipment and to be aware of the likely errors that may occur during observations and of methods to eliminate or minimise such errors. Other surveying skills developed include making accurate distance measurements over short distances using tapes, and awareness of the advantages of modern developments in this field such as electronic distance measuring equipment. Students are aware of how to perform a simple traverse and associated calculations for the engineering applications of surveying. The stadia method is discussed in class and may be used as a data-gathering tool in a practical exercise. The plotting and use of contour plans are introduced and applied in road design together with other applications of surveying such as vertical and horizontal alignments. Students are also introduced to the fundamental concept of a Geographic Information System (GIS) including its components, spatial data types, and analysis. In addition, students learn about modern developments and equipment in surveying.

Professional practices of surveying and engineering are emphasised during all classes.

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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