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91107 The Biosphere

6cp; 5hpw: 2hpw lecture (online), 2hpw workshop, 1hpw learning module (online); availability: environmental degrees, majors or sub-majors
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Core disciplinary subject – UTS Environmental Sciences degrees and relevant majors


Biosphere is a collective term which encapsulates all living organisms on Earth. Of the thousands of planets discovered so far, Earth is truly unique in that it is the only planet which has a biosphere. This subject has been designed to introduce students to the environmental sciences at a tertiary level. It explores the evolution of Earth's structure and species, and contrasts these ancient patterns with modern environmental changes that are occurring right now. The interactions among the various living and non-living components within the biosphere, and with external factors such as the atmosphere and solar energy, are also examined. Throughout the subject, there is an integrated focus on the science of the biosphere and the effects that humans and our activities have on the biosphere, including vitally important issues such as climate change, sustainability and the resources crisis.

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