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87539 VC Webmedia 1

6cp; 3hpw (studio)



Today the web has a pervasive presence in our lives; through it we access information, communicate, connect, experience. There are many facets of design involved in generating content for the web: interface design; information design; information architecture; user experience design; interaction design, etc. Through this subject students gain a basic understanding of some of these facets of design and the production of content for websites. The design environment of the screen – the constraints and considerations – is explored. Students learn to apply their existing design skills and understanding of design principles and elements to design for the web. Using design as a conduit, students communicate information on the web through the integrated use of text, image and other media elements.

Publishing content on the web is an integral step in the introduction to web media. Technically this course introduces the basic technologies of client-side web development working with HTML and CSS. These are the basic underlying mechanisms for realising creative online content.

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Summer session, City campus

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