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87539 Webmedia

6cp; 3hpw (studio)



Today the web has a pervasive presence in our lives; through it we access information, communicate, connect, experience. There are many facets of design involved in generating content for the web: interface design; information design; information architecture; user experience design; interaction design, etc. Through this subject students extend their understanding of some of these facets of design and the production of content for websites. The design environment of the screen – the constraints and considerations – is explored.

This subject provides students with the opportunity to explore and develop their understanding of visual communication on the web to produce more complex and sophisticated outcomes that are responsive, data driven or interactive. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of responsive web design to create flexible design systems that adapt to the viewing environment in anticipation of the array of devices and screens through which their designs will be viewed.

HTML, CSS and the JavaScript programming language are covered to provide students with the skills to create dynamic or interactive projects – basic concepts of usability and theories of interaction are also surveyed. Much of the learning experience occurs through working on projects and students are encouraged to experiment, to undertake self-directed learning and to integrate research, theory and practice.

Traditionally, visual communicators collaborate with a range of professions when producing web media. For instance, when creating a website a designer might employ a programmer to transform their static design into a website. However, many designers now choose to engage with code and programming, expanding their creative practice and exploring new design possibilities that are made available. The aim of this subject is to provide a deeper understanding of the web as a medium and material through knowledge of its underlying technologies.

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Summer session, City campus

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