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16642 Property Investment and Valuation

6cp; 1.5hpw lecture; 1.5hpw tutorial; on campus
Requisite(s): (16234 Property Valuation AND (16634 Financial Analysis OR 16219 Analysis Fundamentals))
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.


This is a core subject usually taken in the second year of the Bachelor of Property Economics. The subject focuses on property investment and valuation for various types of properties and stakeholders, mainly using discounted cash flow analysis. The subject encourages students to develop cash flow models for investment and valuation decisions, as well as to conduct sensitivity and scenario analyses using Excel software. Students learn through online activities, group discussions, software learning, independent reading, and real estate case competition. Students should therefore have access to a laptop during Tutorials with Excel software.

The knowledge and skills learned from the subject have practical implications as they can assist students in making decisions in real-life investment projects. The contents of the subject include basic concepts of investment theory and financial mathematics, net present value, internal rate of return, and their applications. Factors that affect investment decisions will also be discussed.

Assessment is designed to assure students' proficiency in achieving the learning objectives of this subject. Students are required to select a real-life investment project for an Individual Assignment to apply knowledge learned from the classes. In addition, students participate in a Group Assignment on a real estate case competition project. The final examination tests students' understanding of investment principles and problem-solving ability in making investment decisions.

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