University of Technology Sydney

65323 Advanced Imaging and Specialist Recovery

6cp; 2hpw (lecture), 2hpw (practical), 3hpw (computer lab)
Requisite(s): 65312 Forensic Imaging


This subject is designed to build on established fundamentals of forensic imaging to develop practical and effective skills for the capture and interrogation of imagery evidence. Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills about advanced principles of forensic imaging with real-world applications in forensic investigation. This includes the scientific basis underpinning digital imagery, techniques to extract measurements from images, advanced methods of image enhancement, authentication of suspected image modification, comparative analyses and principles of 3D crime scene reconstruction. This subject develops skills for the recording of complex crime scenes using advanced photographic techniques, the extraction, analysis and handling of digital images as evidence and the production of expert certificates to convey analytical conclusions. This subject equips students with the necessary skills for a career in forensic imaging, crime scene investigation and/or digital evidence.

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