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95002 TD: Reframing, remixing, reimagining society (6cp)

6cp; July Session, Distance; Availability: all enrolled UTS undergraduate students
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Anti-requisite(s): 81540 Technology, Methods and Creative Practice


Not suitable for students who are admitted in C20060 Diploma in Innovation.


In this subject, students playfully explore creative practices, methods and tools from across disciplines and professional domains to generate or discover new ideas and insights, and to develop the creative and critical thinking skills of the future. Pressing philosophical questions about technology, humanity and the environment are explored through the use of creative methods to engage with contemporary real-world challenges. Students work in multidisciplinary teams to scrutinise assumptions, probe the unknowns and investigate ethical dilemmas implicit in real-world problem situations. Together, students bring creative thinking from across disciplines to create novel responses to challenges posed by industry or community partners. By so doing, students develop their sensemaking practices, identify new avenues for action, and hone their ways of communicating ideas clearly, creatively and persuasively.

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July Session, Distance

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