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70110 Introduction to Law

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Anti-requisite(s): 70105 Legal Research AND 70113 Legal Process and History AND 70115 Perspectives on Law AND 79203 Business Law and Ethics



The subject is designed to provide students from a range of disciplines and backgrounds with a fundamental understanding of the Australian legal system, the Common Law traditions underpinning it and its operation within the Australian federal structure and the Westminster system. Its objective is for students to develop an understanding of the Australian legal framework and the role of law and then consider the law in a business context in regulating individual and commercial relationships. This provides a basis for undertaking further studies in law in Australia.

An overall introduction to the subject is provided in the ‘Get Started’ Module. The subject topics are then structured in eleven Modules numbered 1-11. The Modules comprise topics which address learning about the Australian legal system and the civil, criminal and business relationships it regulates, and several topics covering public international law. Modules 1-3 introduce students to the Australian legal system and help them understand the operation of Australian law. These topics aim to equip students with a foundational understanding of the operation of the Australian legal system to enable an effective transition into the more specialised learning involved with Modules 4-9. Modules 10-11 explore international law with some reflection on the relationship of Australian law to international law. Module 12 enables students to revise the main topics for exam preparation.

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