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95011 TD: Sustainability in an interconnected world +

8cp; 3 hpw (Spring Session)
Requisite(s): 36 credit points of completed study in any Bachelor's Degree OR 36 credit points of completed study in any Bachelor's Combined Degree
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 95003 TD: Sustainability in an interconnected world


This subject introduces students to ways of thinking differently about the ‘wicked’ problems we face when tackling big issues around sustainability. Students draw on a range of approaches from across our disciplines and professional domains to explore the complex social and environmental context in which every problem is situated and networked with other problems. Striving towards regenerative sustainable futures, these novel ways of thinking enable students to move away from conventional problem-solving approaches to discover new avenues for action. By working in multidisciplinary teams on complex industry or community challenges, students develop their relational and analytic skills. Students devise their own questions based on insights they’ve uncovered, and communicate their proposals for addressing current or emerging global challenges to a range of diverse audiences.

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