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86006 History and Theory 1

6cp; Interactive Lecture Sessions: 1h/week. Mondays Studio Sessions: 2h/week. Mondays
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Core - History and Theory First Year


86006 is an introduction to History and Theory's relationship to contemporary interior architecture practice.
In articulating this relationship over the semester, the subject looks at a wide range of relevant precedents located across Japan, India, Iran, Europe, USA and Mexico, during defined architectural periods over the last five centuries. Students aided by their tutors examine these precedents in material, compositional and theoretical terms.

Delivered in a seminar format, students will work with six tutors on a two-week rotating basis, exposing them to a range of teaching styles and approaches. The overall emphasis of the subject is to instil an understanding of the relevance of historical precedent and theoretical frames in the development of an individual's spatial design language and to establish a common, understandable discipline-specific language to serve them in developing and rationalising design decisions both within the course of the study and their professional career.
Students are required to actively participate in the interactive seminars facilitating students critical thinking, research skills, literacy and communication techniques.

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