University of Technology Sydney

31266 Introduction to Information Systems

6cp; 1.5hpw (lecture), 1.5hpw (tutorial)
Anti-requisite(s): 31060 Information Systems Principles AND 31414 Information Systems AND 31472 Introduction to Collaborative Systems AND 31484 Information Systems Foundations AND 32557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems



This subject describes today's business environment and how technology is integrated into business, government and community systems. It covers the trends towards greater mobility, greater complexity, globalisation and business networking, and ways that technology can deliver services to improve business competitiveness in an increasingly global and networked environment. It describes the role of information systems (IS) for better business management and the formation of business networks. Real-world case studies are presented to understand the role of IS in obtaining and maintaining competitive advantage. This introductory subject explains activities used to develop, implement and maintain IS. Techniques for building effective team collaboration skills and relationship skills are demonstrated in this subject. In addition, ethics, privacy and information security are highlighted. In this subject, students learn to apply theoretical knowledge to solve practical situations, learn to generate new ideas and learn how to work together to develop team skills.

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus

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