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85001 The Bio Kitchen


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In order to combat climate change there is an urgent need to transition from unsustainable manufacturing and consumption practises, and to develop sustainable materials and systems that promote ecological resilience, repair, and that support the health of our planet. For designers, the transformative possibilities of bio-based materials can offer alternative approaches for thinking through the future of fashion, consumer products, systems of manufacturing, as well as architecture and the built environment.

The Bio Kitchen provides students with an understanding of bio-based material futures. This is a hands-on laboratory where students learn design principles and practices for undertaking materials research, using these to speculate on the possible social and scientific applications for bio-based materials and biotechnologies in the future. In this design lab the kitchen operates as both a vibrant system and as a practical studio space for futures-oriented material thinking. Students will undertake experiments with starches, bioplastics, agar, gels, protein and cellulose manipulations, with the opportunity to view and interact with material recipe demonstrations, before recreating, improvising and expanding on these experimental recipes themselves.

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