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11274 Architectural Studio 2

Requisite(s): 11273 Architectural Studio 1
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The architectural design studio provides the creative framework for students to explore how a diverse set of performative criteria informs a design inquiry. Through the project brief, students learn to balance urban, environmental, social and programmatic strategies with the technical and material parameters of an architectural project.

The subject introduces students to formal and organisational approaches in architecture and methods of making, testing and documenting spatial ideas. Students engage analytical skills and drawing techniques to derive a conceptual position for the project within its specified context, and use models to explore spatial strategies and refine the material and structural behaviour of their proposition. This subject is designed to equip architecture students with a series of fundamental skills for the communication and exploration of space as well as an understanding of how structural and material decisions influence their architecture.

As the second design studio in the foundation year sequence, students continue to develop their design skills to synthesise relationships between structure, form and programmatic organisation in reference to a set of architectural precedent case studies. These precedent studies develop the technical capabilities of students and act as a prompt for new design potentials around material behaviours, structural integration and formal spatial strategies.

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