University of Technology Sydney

88007 Textiles: Surface Form

6cp; 3hpw x 12wks (workshop, on campus) (Autumn session)

Elective (fashion and textiles), open to all DAB students



This subject introduces students to three-dimensional textiles through an in-depth exploration of thermoplastic and other surface form techniques. Thermoplastic techniques are widely used in the fashion and textiles industry where innovative textiles and inventive applications are highly regarded. Through applications of heat shaping, synthetics can be manipulated to permanently memorise shape or surface texture. In studio, students experiment with a variety of thermoplastic techniques as a means to discover new pleat geometries and the inherent design potential in sculpted surfaces. In the second week of the workshop students focus on undyed natural rafia as a material form. Students take 2D surfaces created through various constructed textile methods such as weaving, basic hand knit, braiding into a 3D accessory such as a belt, container, hat. Students are introduced to and are required to research the work of key contemporary textile designers working in the field. An emphasis throughout the subject is placed on a professional and sustainable studio practice.

This subject does not require prior experience in knitted textiles and caters for both beginners and advanced levels. Students are challenged according to their level of expertise.

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Autumn session, City campus

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