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86007 History and Theory 2

6cp; 3hpw: 1hr online lecture with subsequent quiz, 2hr tutorial on campus
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86006 - History and Theory 1 (or exemption)


5 Keywords. History, Methodology, Precedent, Chronology, Climate

This subject is the second in the first-year introduction to History and Theory and its relationship to contemporary interior architecture practice.

History and Theory 2 (86007) introduces the discipline of History and its applicability to contemporary interior architecture practice through weekly lectures looking at exemplary historical precedents, spaces, technologies and modes of inhabitation, including; First Nations inhabitation concepts, the Hagia Sophia, the Alhambra, the Katsura Imperial Villa, Ethiopian Coptic Churches, Borobudur Temple, Tulou Houses, the Yungang Grottoes and Bukhara, Samarkand, Wadi Hadramaut, the Lahore Fort complex the Shalimar Gardens the T?dai-ji Temple complex and the Persian wind towers and associated water technologies.

In parallel to the lectures, three x four-week tutorial modules focusing on three Western historical periods (Ancient Greece, Italian Renaissance, Baroque and Modernism) explore built form, space and cultural context.

The subject, as a whole, also looks at the impact political, social and artistic movements have had on the production of interior space. Students examine interior details, ornaments, composition, materials and context. They are expected to understand the given precedents verified through their own writing and drawing to establish a solid basis for further research and design work in the coming semesters and into their professional careers.

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