University of Technology Sydney

CBK92236 PG Study Abroad and Exchange Session2 Choice

32998  .NET Application Development 6cp 
32543  3D Animation 6cp 
22708  Accounting Information Systems 6cp 
22788  Accounting Practices and Tools 3cp 
22759  Accounting and ERP 6cp 
22747  Accounting for Managerial Decisions 6cp 
21881  Advocacy and Social Change 6cp 
25720  Applied Financial Management 3cp 
49098  Applied Financial Management 6cp 
42060  Biomedical Industry Frameworks 6cp 
49131  Bridge Design 6cp 
32558  Business Intelligence 6cp 
22787  Business Project Management 6cp 
21895  Business and Social Impact 6cp 
25741  Capital Markets 6cp 
21856  Career and Portfolio Planning 6cp 
99026  Coastal Protection and Restoration 6cp 
32003  Computer Game Design 6cp 
32501  Computer Graphics 6cp 
79708  Contemporary Business Law 6cp 
21854  Creative Problem Solving 6cp 
24710  Customer Experience and Behaviour 6cp 
26777  Data Processing Using SAS 3cp 
94692  Data Science Practice 8cp 
36100  Data Science for Innovation 8cp 
24761  Data-Driven Insights 6cp 
24748  Deliver Customer Value 3cp 
21896  Diversity and Inclusion 6cp 
49003  Economic Evaluation 6cp 
23719  Economics Foundations 6cp 
23706  Economics for Management 6cp 
32557  Enabling Enterprise Information Systems 6cp 
32570  Enterprise Architecture Practice 6cp 
32571  Enterprise Software Testing 6cp 
25858  Ethics and Governance in Finance 6cp 
21939  Event Creation Workshop 6cp 
21936  Event Management 6cp 
21959  Events for Impact and Legacy 6cp 
25742  Financial Management 6cp 
25705  Financial Modelling and Analysis 6cp 
26776  Foundations of Business Analytics 3cp 
70102  Foundations of Law 8cp 
32130  Fundamentals of Data Analytics 6cp 
42017  Fundamentals of Interaction Design 6cp 
21778  Fundraising and Revenue Streams for Sports, Events and Not-for-Profits 6cp 
21889  Future of Work 6cp 
32004  Game Development 6cp 
32531  Global Information Systems 6cp 
21811  Global Strategic Management 6cp 
21720  Human Resource Management 6cp 
32405  Human-Centred Design Research Methods 6cp 
41020  Human-centred Design Methods 6cp 
32563  IT Professional and Society 6cp 
21702  Industrial Relations 6cp 
85801  Interactions, Experiences and Atmospheres 6cp 
32027  Interactive Media 6cp 
32516  Internet Programming 6cp 
70110  Introduction to Law 6cp 
25721  Investment Management 6cp 
49001  Judgment and Decision Making 6cp 
32524  LANS and Routing 6cp 
49069  Leadership and Responsibility 6cp 
15364  Leading Projects in Organisations 6cp 
21926  Managing Change 6cp 
21928  Managing Staff and Volunteers 6cp 
21717  Managing in a Multicultural World 6cp 
21937  Managing, Leading and Stewardship 6cp 
24736  Marketing Communications 6cp 
24734  Marketing Management 6cp 
21741  Operations and Quality Management 6cp 
21832  Organisational Sustainability: Analysis and Practice 6cp 
49258  Pavement Analysis and Design 6cp 
21930  Principles of Event Marketing 6cp 
49119  Problematic Soils and Ground Improvement Techniques 6cp 
15348  Project Finance and Analysis 6cp 
32541  Project Management 6cp 
42070  Prototyping Physical Interaction 6cp 
43031  Python Programming for Data Processing 6cp 
99031  Risk-based Site Assessment 6cp 
21745  Services and Network Productivity with Data Analytics 6cp 
21918  Sport Business 6cp 
21920  Sport Governance and Integrity 6cp 
21952  Sport for Social Impact 6cp 
21935  Sport, Events and Globalisation 6cp 
49133  Steel and Composite Design 6cp 
21797  Strategic Supply Chain Management 6cp 
21877  Strategic and Sustainable Procurement Management 6cp 
23708  Studio 1: Foundation 6cp 
21963  Supply Chain Technology Management 6cp 
21954  Sustainable Enterprise in Dynamic Systems 3cp 
15146  Sustainable Urban Development 6cp 
49004  Systems Engineering for Managers 6cp 
15336  Systems Thinking for Managers 6cp 
79017  Taxation Law 6cp 
32144  Technology Research Preparation 6cp 
32547  UNIX Systems Programming 6cp 
91189  Urban Sustainability and Resilience 6cp 
49227  Wireless Sensor Networks 6cp