University of Technology Sydney

49001 Judgment and Decision Making

6cp; 3hpw; availability: all courses (core for MEM)
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Judgment and decision making play pivotal roles across diverse domains, from engineering to business and our daily routines. This subject offers an exploration of fundamental theories and concepts, delving into biases, heuristics, decision analysis, decision making under uncertainty, and effective problem-solving strategies within the realm of judgment and decision making. Students gain insights into a spectrum of decision-making models: from cognition-driven to model-driven and data-driven approaches. These multifaceted models serve as vital tools for conceptualising, implementing, and operating modern engineering systems. Moreover, the subject examines principles underpinning individual, group, and strategic decision-making strategies. By exploring these diverse strategies, students develop a nuanced understanding of effective decision-making dynamics in various contexts.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus
This subject is also available in Hong Kong and Shanghai to offshore students only.

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