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32531 Global Information Systems

6cp; 3hpw; 1hpw (lecture), 2hpw (tutorial)
Requisite(s): 32557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses. See access conditions.
Recommended studies: a general awareness of computers, the internet and modern business issues (particularly globalisation)



This subject covers new requirements placed on information systems arising from the globalisation of business operations. It covers new ways of doing business in global environments, including the formation of alliances and joint ventures and ways that information systems must be developed to support them.
The topics covered include an overview of the global IT industry, including its direction and structure; the value of IT in business; implications of e-commerce, customer relationship and knowledge management, outsourcing, and off-shoring; and legal issues in the new economy for formalising those relationships. The subject also looks at ways of organising business information in organisations, with a focus on informal flows found in organisations. Relationships differ in the type of work undertaken and the process followed in team formation and management. This subject covers relationship building by having students use tools such as portals for maintaining customer loyalty and outsourcing collaborations.

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Spring session, City campus

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