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21889 HRM Project: Future

Requisite(s): 21887c People Analytics AND 21888c Future of Work
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The capacity to undertake critical investigative enquiries that lead to valuable and worthwhile outcomes is a necessary skill for HR practitioners at all levels and in all types of organisations. This subject seeks to present the project process in an accessible and practical way, by providing students with an introduction to the different stages on the project journey from initial project ideation to submission of the final project report.

This subject focuses on themes related to the future of work and emerging trends that have an impact on the practice of HRM. It requires students to apply an understanding of these trends to a real organizational context. Students will be expected to undertake analysis of a real-life organization, and to propose a transformational knowledge research project based on one ‘future of work’ issue identified as significant to the organization. The students are expected to work collaboratively with industry partner stakeholders, to deliver creative and context appropriate solutions. The course takes an evidence-based approach, utilizing research skills and collected data to critically analyze an aspect or aspects of Human Resources within a specific context, and evaluate the nature of the challenge. Students will then devise an intervention to deal with the challenge. This subject is framed as a consultancy project that takes into consideration the complexity of applying research and knowledge in real-life practice.

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