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49069 Leadership and Responsibility

6cp; on campus
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This subject develops an understanding of the role of engineering and technical managers as responsible leaders in organisations. It focuses on the need to work through other people, not only subordinates and supervisors, but other managers and leaders. The subject provides a comprehensive review of leadership theory by following the timeline of historical development. It teaches that there exist many complex facets of leadership and emphasises the belief that one should not accept a position of trust without accepting the responsibility that goes with it. However, the art of leadership cannot be learned solely from books, virtual cafes or YouTube videos, it needs to be experienced and practised by doing and by interacting with real humans. A central teaching element of this subject is a set of activities that require engagement, motivation, critical thinking, verbal communication, group participation, perseverance and performance under time pressure.

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Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus
This subject is also available in Hong Kong to offshore students only.

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