University of Technology Sydney

CBK90571 Electives

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
SMJ10188  AWS Industry sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10189  Google Industry sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10196  Humanitarian Engineering sub-major 24cp 
SMJ10156  Innovation and Entrepreneurship 24cp 
SMJ10190  iOS Industry sub-major 24cp 
31243  AI/Analytics Capstone Project B 6cp 
013992  Aboriginal Sydney Now 6cp 
22107  Accounting for Business Decisions A 6cp 
79018  Advanced Commercial Law 6cp 
31777  Advanced Interaction Design 6cp 
31242  Advanced Internet Programming 6cp 
79606  Advanced Taxation Law 6cp 
41889  Application Development in the iOS Environment 6cp 
31927  Application Development with .NET 6cp 
79014  Applied Company Law 6cp 
36200  Arguments, Evidence and Intuition 6cp 
79015  Banking Law 6cp 
26134  Business Statistics 6cp 
41001  Cloud Computing and Software as a Service 6cp 
31264  Computer Graphics 6cp 
41900  Cryptography 6cp 
48730  Cybersecurity 6cp 
31251  Data Structures and Algorithms 6cp 
31253  Database Programming 6cp 
23115  Economics for Business 6cp 
31255  Finance and IT Professionals 6cp 
25300  Fundamentals of Business Finance 6cp 
31260  Fundamentals of Interaction Design 6cp 
31262  Game Design Methodologies 6cp 
31097  IT Operations Management 6cp 
31256  Image Processing and Pattern Recognition 6cp 
79013  Industrial and Labour Law 6cp 
41181  Information Security and Management 6cp 
31257  Information System Development Methodologies 6cp 
21227  Innovation and Entrepreneurship 6cp 
31258  Innovations for Global Relationship Management 6cp 
79006  Intellectual Property Commercialisation 6cp 
31241  Interactive 3D Animation 6cp 
31080  Interactive Media 6cp 
99200  Intercultural Communication 6cp 
79603  International Business Transactions and the Law 6cp 
48033  Internet of Things 6cp 
31261  Internetworking Project 6cp 
42095  Introduction to Building Information Modelling 6cp 
31263  Introduction to Computer Game Development 6cp 
31250  Introduction to Data Analytics 6cp 
21555  Introduction to Human Resource Management 6cp 
43029  Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering 6cp 
48080  Introduction to Innovation 6cp 
70110  Introduction to Law 6cp 
31005  Machine Learning 6cp 
21228  Management Consulting 6cp 
21440  Management Skills 6cp 
21129  Managing People and Organisations 6cp 
24108  Marketing Foundations 6cp 
79011  Marketing Law 6cp 
31275  Mobile Networking 6cp 
31338  Network Servers 6cp 
31276  Networked Enterprise Architecture 6cp 
41183  Privacy Preserving 6cp 
41130  Professional Practice Studio 6cp 
31030  Project 6cp 
79036  Retirement and Estate Planning 6cp 
31277  Routing and Switching Essentials 6cp 
41184  Secure Programming and Penetration Testing 6cp 
31248  Serious Games and Gamification Studio 6cp 
48433  Software Architecture 6cp 
41113  Software Development Studio 6cp 
31280  Strategic IT Project 6cp 
41182  System Security 6cp 
31282  Systems Testing and Quality Management 6cp 
79017  Taxation Law 6cp 
21591  Transnational Management 6cp 
Total  24cp