University of Technology Sydney

SMJ10196 Humanitarian Engineering sub-major

In this sub-major, students are introduced to some key concepts in humanitarian engineering, following on from their experiences with the Engineers without Borders Challenge. Building on that foundation, they have opportunities to develop their intercultural and transdisciplinary collaboration skills through a range of learning experiences, working with partners and other students from a range of backgrounds and contexts, to equip them to use engineering to make positive changes in a complex world. Students have a choice of transdisciplinary electives. “95009 TD: Changemaking for social impact” and “95003 TD: Sustainability in an interconnected world” are recommended.

Completion requirements

43029  Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering  6cp
99200  Intercultural Communication  6cp
CBK92069  Transdisciplinary Electives  6cp
Select 6 credit points of options:  6cp
977917  In-country Contemporary Society Study 6cp 
97901  International Internship 6cp 
41130  Professional Practice Studio 6cp 
Total  24cp