University of Technology Sydney

31251 Data Structures and Algorithms

Requisite(s): 48024 Applications Programming
Anti-requisite(s): 31473 Data Structures and Procedural Programming AND 32510 Principles of Object-oriented Programming in C++
Recommended studies:

basic programming concepts: variables, loops and decisions; basic file manipulation in UNIX: directories and files, editing files, re-direction; basic understanding of the standard Von Neumann computer model: the fetch-execute cycle, single memory with byte addressing, input and output with disks, keyboard and screen; understanding of character sets and internal data representations, including ASCII, signed integers, floating point



This subject teaches students how to design, develop and evaluate data structures and algorithms to meet predefined quality characteristics of functionality (suitability) and usability (understandability, learnability, operability, compliance). Software solutions are implemented using C++. Concepts, theories and technologies underlying the methods and techniques are introduced and explained as required.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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