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79015 Banking Law

Requisite(s): 79203 Business Law and Ethics OR 70110 Introduction to Law
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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This subject provides students with an understanding of the regulation of banking institutions in Australia following the deregulation of banking and concentrates on the relationships between banks and their customers. Students explore the law relating to banking and the relevant principles; the regulatory framework within which banks operate; the banker–customer relationship; giving and taking security; and the current account and consumer protection. Consideration is also given to the wide range of services currently offered by banks. Students contribute to an ongoing discussion of current developments in banking law.

Students completing this subject develop a sufficient working understanding of the areas of law to which they are introduced, to be able to advise in the resolution of problems and the planning of strategies.

The law of contracts and the law of torts are of particular relevance to the subject, but no expertise is required in any other discipline and all necessary concepts and terms are explored in class.

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