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79013 Industrial and Labour Law

Requisite(s): 79203 Business Law and Ethics OR 70110 Introduction to Law
These requisites may not apply to students in certain courses.
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Anti-requisite(s): 79031 Employment and Industrial Law


Industrial and labour law is an important component of studies in the legal regulation of business. This subject is designed to introduce undergraduate non-law students to Australian industrial and labour law by examining relevant law, policy and theory. In light of the now extensive coverage of the federal labour law system, this subject focuses on that federal system and the underlying common law principles of employer and employee rights and obligations. Students are introduced to the key aspects of industrial and labour laws which govern employers and workers in the workplace. Students examine both practical and theoretical perspectives on the industrial and labour law system as it operates and changes in Australia. Students also discuss the extent to which Australian industrial and labour law meets the aspirations of various labour law policy perspectives. Through practice-oriented class activities and assessment, students learn practical legal skills. These skills allow students to apply their knowledge of labour law in business and resolve industrial disputes in the workplace. In particular, students learn the practical skills of applying current industrial and labour law to provide advice. Students also learn practical oral advocacy skills (needed by HR managers and industrial advocates for tribunal appearances) by presenting in moots.

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