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48033 Internet of Things

Requisite(s): (48023 Programming Fundamentals OR 48430 Fundamentals of C Programming OR 41039 Programming 1) AND (31270 Networking Essentials OR 48720 Network Fundamentals OR 48740 Communications Networks OR 41092 Network Fundamentals OR 41090 Information and Signals OR 48540 Signals and Systems)



The Internet of Things (IoT) is a distributed system, in which various autonomous devices, sometimes called motes, collect environmental data (such as location, speed, temperature, humidity and sound level) or, more recently, medical data (such as heart rate, blood oxygen level and pulse rate) and possibly execute controls via actuator devices. The data is collected across the network, aggregated and fed into business applications. Sensor and actuator networks, telemetry, data processing, distributed data bases, machine vision, AI and analytics, software frameworks are enablers for various applications, including environmental monitoring and control, agricultural monitoring and control, medical monitoring, habitat monitoring and military surveillance. In this subject, students learn the theory, the concepts and the practice of IoT-related paradigms. By designing and developing a small to medium-complexity, IoT-based application, students acquire new skills, as well as, learn the benefits of the IoT technology. Also students explore new models of service deployment, data acquisition and data analytics and visualisation.

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Spring session, City campus

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