University of Technology Sydney

41182 System Security

6cp; 3hpw.
Requisite(s): 31268 Web Systems OR 48410 Introduction to ICT Engineering OR 41082 Introduction to Data Engineering OR 65325 Digital Trace and Identity OR 31257 Information System Development Methodologies OR 41092 Network Fundamentals OR 31266 Introduction to Information Systems OR 48023 Programming Fundamentals OR 41039 Programming 1 OR 48430 Fundamentals of C Programming

Fields of practice: Cybersecurity and Privacy program



This subject covers modern system security concepts, strategies, and techniques. Students develop practical and working tactics to achieve digital security in operation systems, databases and servers in various aspects. Students apply security measures and principles by design, implementation, and configurations crossing the systems. Students can enforce the system security and privacy by exploring the framework of system security and safety principles and guidelines, and utilizing various tools. This subject cover mechanisms and prominent techniques of system hardening. Students perform system hardening approaches in practical sessions, and can test the students’ hardened system with various attacks.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

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