University of Technology Sydney

CBK92180 Management Research option

Select 18 credit points of options:  18cp
21948  Advanced Quality Management 6cp 
21881  Advocacy and Social Change 6cp 
21856  Career and Portfolio Planning 6cp 
21896  Diversity and Inclusion 6cp 
21939  Event Creation Workshop 6cp 
21936  Event Management 6cp 
21959  Events for Impact and Legacy 6cp 
21778  Fundraising and Revenue Streams for Sports, Events and Not-for-Profits 6cp 
21889  Future of Work 6cp 
21811  Global Strategic Management 6cp 
21720  Human Resource Management 6cp 
21702  Industrial Relations 6cp 
21882  Legal Issues for Sports, Events and Not-for-Profits 6cp 
21926  Managing Change 6cp 
21928  Managing Staff and Volunteers 6cp 
21717  Managing in a Multicultural World 6cp 
21937  Managing, Leading and Stewardship 6cp 
21879  Measuring Social Impact 6cp 
21741  Operations and Quality Management 6cp 
21930  Principles of Event Marketing 6cp 
21745  Services and Network Productivity with Data Analytics 6cp 
21918  Sport Business 6cp 
21920  Sport Governance and Integrity 6cp 
21952  Sport for Social Impact 6cp 
21935  Sport, Events and Globalisation 6cp 
21797  Strategic Supply Chain Management 6cp 
21877  Strategic and Sustainable Procurement Management 6cp 
21946  Supply Chain Management Analytics 6cp 
21947  Supply Chain Risk Management 6cp 
21963  Supply Chain Technology Management 6cp 
Total  18cp