University of Technology Sydney

CBK91967 Options

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
15643  Applied Evaluation 6cp 
23710  Behavioural Decision Making 3cp 
23711  Behavioural Game Theory 3cp 
15619  Comparative Local Governance 6cp 
15625  Contemporary Policy Challenges 6cp 
36104  Data Visualisation and Narratives 8cp 
57218  Emergent Media Practices 8cp 
15622  Enhancing Local Government Service Delivery 6cp 
15638  Ethics and Governance for Local Government 6cp 
23715  Game Theory and Strategic Decision Making 3cp 
57222  Influence in the Digital World 8cp 
15637  Introduction to Local Government Economics and Finance 6cp 
57219  Issue and Crisis Communication 8cp 
15618  Leadership for Public Good 6cp 
15610  Leading in Local Government 6cp 
15604  Local Government Principles and Practice 6cp 
15639  Local Government and Indigenous Governance 6cp 
15325  Negotiation and Conflict Management 6cp 
15608  Organising and Managing in Local Government 6cp 
15626  Policy in Practice 6cp 
23716  Principles of Causal Inference 3cp 
15348  Project Finance and Analysis 6cp 
15315  Project Management Principles 6cp 
15640  Public Engagement in Decision-Making 6cp 
23714  Rationality and Incentives 3cp 
37252  Regression and Linear Models 6cp 
15602  Social Planning and Community Development 6cp 
57214  Stakeholder Engagement 8cp 
36103  Statistical Thinking for Data Science 8cp 
57215  Strategic Communication and Integration 8cp 
15603  Strategic Planning 6cp 
15336  Systems Thinking for Managers 6cp 
23717  Trial Design 3cp 
60117  Understanding Data and Statistical Design 6cp 
Total  24cp