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15637 Introduction to Local Government Economics and Finance

6cp; 6hpw, distance
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This subject focuses on key economic and finance concepts and theories as they pertain to local government. Undertaking this subject enables participants to:

  • understand the sources of revenue for local government and how revenue is used to produce the various categories of local government goods and services;
  • appreciate the financial sustainability challenges facing local government and the major factors which contribute to the problems;
  • describe the various interventions which have been proposed or employed to address financial sustainability concerns;
  • evaluate the efficacy of interventions and apply this knowledge to professional practice.

As an elective subject for postgraduate local government studies, Introduction to Local Government Economics and Finance also explores related issues of equity, accountability and transparency. Students engage with scholarly materials, and debate and extend their understandings of local government taxation, debt, fees for service, developer levies, intergovernmental grants, resident demand, and information asymmetries. Students are throughout encouraged to reflect on the integration of theory with practice and, in so doing, the academic and research skills of students are enhanced.

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