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57215 Strategic Communication and Integration

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This subject introduces students to contemporary thinking about the development of strategy and strategic planning by public and private sector organisations, comparing and contrasting traditional top-down, organisation-centric approaches with emergent, networked and participatory approaches drawing on contemporary management studies, and applies these to designing strategic communication. Students learn to apply strategic planning models and explore the role of research, stakeholder engagement, consultation, and collaboration in developing communication strategies to achieve organisational objectives while also adapting to stakeholder and public expectations and maintaining a social licence to operate and sustainability. Strategic communication theory is compared with other theories and models of public communication and public relations such as two-way symmetrical, rhetorical, relationship, and dialogic theories. Students also explore the increasing requirement for integration of multiple forms of public communication including advertising, public relations, and digital and social media communication, examining and critically evaluating how people access and consume information today. Students become familiar with the multiple 'touchpoints' between organisations and their publics and the need for organisations to ensure consistency and complementation in their public communication. Throughout this subject students develop knowledge and skills for planning and designing integrated strategic communication campaigns involving a range of multimedia and multimodal communication activities. They also gain an understanding of the importance of mutuality and social responsibility in organisational behaviour and how this is reflected in strategic communication.

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