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15619 Comparative Local Governance

6cp; block: 4 x 8hrs; on campus and via a live video link
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This subject enables local government practitioners to situate governance theory and its influence on local government reform within a national and an international context. Students' capacity to act more strategically when dealing with other government agencies, partners and communities is enhanced through a broader understanding of the role of local government and the opportunities and challenges that adopting a local governance approach offers.

The subject introduces students to the key elements of comparative local governance. It addresses conceptions of local governance, including national and international perspectives, enabling students to understand what governance means and applying it to their own local governments. A comparative study approach is then used to explore structures, roles and functions of local government, inter-governmental relationships, electoral arrangements, strategies for establishing boundaries and reform initiatives across a number of jurisdictions. Various frameworks for undertaking comparative study at local government level are explored. Lessons are drawn from international examples and from other Australian states in order to inform students' understanding of their own jurisdictional context.

This is a core subject in the Master of Local Government (C04257). Students study national and international examples of local governance and are then able to apply lessons learnt to their own local governments. Students are required to undertake reading and preparation in advance of the three-day seminar to enable them to contribute meaningfully to the discussion and case study analysis.

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