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57222 Influence in the Digital World

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Anti-requisite(s): 57168 Sound and Interaction AND 57182 Rethinking Media


This subject considers the wide-ranging effects of digital communication technologies over the last decade, with particular focus on how various industries, policies, practices and institutions have been significantly transformed. Students develop the critical and theoretical skills to unpack and analyse some of the most compelling and challenging phenomena in contemporary communication, including the growth of citizen journalism, digital activism, social media influencers and online 'echo chambers'. Students consider how the growth of digital communication intersects with concepts of political economy, ethics, and community. They explore the practical, cultural and personal implications of digital media today, including the roles of 'big data', the use of 'bots', and growing concerns around privacy and transparency. Central to these discussions is an appreciation of the 'human' element: as more information is created, shared and consumed online, students consider the enduring role of human communication and its importance for authentic and meaningful influence. Students learn to apply these concepts to various forms of contemporary strategic communication, as well as interpret how their media activities are informed and underpinned by these phenomena.

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Spring session, City campus

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