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15625 Contemporary Policy Challenges

6cp; 2 x blocks (3-day + 2-day) involving 5 x modules


This subject is one of four core subjects in the Graduate Certificate in Applied Policy (C11263), the Graduate Diploma in Applied Policy (C06121) and the Master of Applied Policy (C04323) which also include the subjects 15626 Policy in Practice, 15627 Foundations in Public Policy and 15628 Evidence and Influence in Public Policy.

The subject introduces students to major challenges and issues confronting contemporary policymakers. It considers policy making challenges in terms of the social, political and economic ideas that shape the framing and implementation of policy at the global and national level. It studies these challenges as they apply across both national boundaries and within key policy sectors with an articulated focus on case studies. Bringing stakeholders into the room, the subject examines major issues in the formulation and implementation of policy such as the role of international organisations, global civil society, public opinion, bureaucracy, technology and interest group participation.

Undertaking this subject, participants are able to:

  • conceptualise policy making as a framework for describing, analysing and addressing key social, political and economic issues across a variety of policy contexts
  • identify supra-national pressures that act on policy makers and influence policymaking at the national and sectoral levels
  • categorise the grounds upon and issues against which different national governments confront interrelated related policy challenges and issues in diverse ways.

As a core subject for the postgraduate study of applied policy, the subject explores the themes of divergence, convergence and hybridity in national policy making across a variety of policy portfolios, enabling participants to build an analytical capacity to identify the theoretical, institutional and domestic factors that shape policy development and implementation at the national and sectoral level.

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