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15618 Leadership for Public Good

6cp; 2x 1hr and 1x 2hr (workshop, online); availability: core subject in the Graduate Certificate in Local Government Leadership (C11215); offered as an elective in the Graduate Diploma in Local Government Management (C06033) and the Master of Local Government (C04257); can also be taken as a short course
Requisite(s): 15604 Local Government Principles and Practice OR 49460 Local Government Management Principles and Practice 1 OR 15608 Organising and Managing in Local Government OR 49277 Corporate Planning and Management
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The subject introduces students to a range of public management leadership perspectives and paradigms to help develop the critical thinking and contextual knowledge that builds leadership acumen. The content has been designed to be practitioner focused and is underpinned by historical and contemporary leadership theory and stimulus. Drawing from recent literature, thought leadership opinion pieces, sector frameworks and existing case studies, the subject introduces a range of stimulus for professionals to review perspectives and experiences of public sector leadership and apply this to their own context.

The subject draws on the lens of contemporary local government leadership thinking and practice to help students understand how leadership for public good can be interpreted and enacted in many different ways. Through the online lectures, workshops and peers discussions, the subject explores the case for building leadership capability across local government and the wider public sector given the unique challenges, pressures and influences of working for the public good. Topic areas are examined through the specific lens of leadership and include working politically; contextual influences; indigenous wisdom; change and reform; 'public value' creation; ethics and the public interest; workforce equity and diversity; place and communities; working adaptively; systems thinking; intergovernmental
relationships; and innovation.

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