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15602 Social Planning and Community Development

6cp; block: 2 x 16hpw, workshops, on campus
Requisite(s): 15604 Local Government Principles and Practice OR 49460 Local Government Management Principles and Practice 1 OR 15608 Organising and Managing in Local Government OR 49277 Corporate Planning and Management
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This subject is an elective in the Graduate Diploma in Local Government Management (C06033). It can also be taken as a Professional Development (PD) subject.

This subject explores the theory and practice of social planning and community development, with a particular focus on the role of local government. Councils have a specific, regulatory responsibility to continually consult, review evidence, synthesize, and respond to broad, as well as local, social, economic, environmental and civic leadership factors that uniquely affect their communities.

The subject provides students with practical knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to allow them to research, analyse and then respond to local strengths, opportunities, risks and challenges. Students are supported to deploy sound social scientist research and social policy and planning approaches, based on contemporary planning and development approaches. They are also encouraged to ground their practice in key frameworks including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the key social justice principles of equity, access, participation and rights, in order to deliver evidence-based and sustainable outcomes for communities.

Students gain access to knowledge and skills related to effectively reviewing their and others social planning and community development strategies, plans and activities through quality monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL) techniques

Typical availability

Spring session, City campus

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