University of Technology Sydney

60117 Understanding Data and Statistical Design

6cp; 2hpw (lecture-workshop, on campus), 1.5hpw (PC labs, on campus)
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Anti-requisite(s): 37012 Understanding Data: Making Population Statements with Samples AND 37013 Understanding Data: Linear Regression Models for Interpretation and Prediction AND 37014 Understanding Data: Statistical Models for Binary Outcomes AND 60902 The Scientific Method


The ability to apply experimental methods to a diverse range of scientific applications is an essential capability for all those pursuing a career in science. This subject provides students with a logical framework for conducting and assessing scientific research, from applying statistical tools to experimental data to drawing inferences and conclusions from this analysis. Students gain an understanding of how hypotheses are defined for testing, how adequate sample size can be determined and how data can be analysed and modelled. An introduction to the concept of uncertainty, as relating to scientific experimentation, is also covered, as is a brief discussion of ethics as relating to statistical practice. This subject aims to impart an understanding of the concept of the 'scientific method', necessary for all students destined for a research, research management, research training or other science-oriented career.

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