University of Technology Sydney

CBK91921 Secondary Education electives

Please note that all of the below electives may not be offered every session. Students can opt to enrol into Teaching Methods subjects as part of their electives however, it will not qualify you for that teaching area because you need to have met the NESA Subject Content Knowledge Requirements for that teaching area.

Completion requirements

Select 24 credit points of options:  24cp
013992  Aboriginal Sydney Now 6cp 
013175  Biology Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013176  Biology Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
013236  Business Studies Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013237  Business Studies Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
013244  Chemistry Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013245  Chemistry Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
010307  Create: Creating Interactive Multimedia Objects 3cp 
010305  Crunch: Learning Analytics for Performance Improvement 3cp 
013177  Earth and Environmental Science Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013178  Earth and Environmental Science Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
013169  Economics Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013170  Economics Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
013232  English Teaching Methods 1 6cp 
013233  English Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013234  English Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
013235  Human Society and its Environment Teaching Methods 1 6cp 
021702  ICT in School Education: Current Issues and Applications 6cp 
023821  Inclusive Education: Behaviour 6cp 
97903  Intercultural and International Communication 6cp 
013102  Introducing Knowledge about Language 6cp 
013173  Legal Studies Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013174  Legal Studies Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
013238  Mathematics Teaching Methods 1 6cp 
013239  Mathematics Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013240  Mathematics Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
013988  Multiliteracies and Multimodalities 6cp 
024705  Multimodal Texts: Comprehending and Creating 6cp 
026412  Music Moves 6cp 
028289  Numeracy for Lifelong and Lifewide Learning 6cp 
013179  Physics Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013180  Physics Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
013243  Science Teaching Methods 1 6cp 
028992  Shaping Meaningful Worlds: Language Texts and Context 6cp 
013171  Society and Culture Teaching Methods 2 6cp 
013172  Society and Culture Teaching Methods 3 6cp 
010050  Student Welfare: Implications for Teaching and Learning 6cp 
022603  Teaching Across the Curriculum 6cp 
024713  Teaching English in International Contexts 6cp 
013247  Technological and Applied Studies Teaching Methods: Engineering Studies 6cp 
013181  Technological and Applied Studies Teaching Methods: Industrial Technology Graphics and Multimedia 6cp 
013182  Technological and Applied Studies Teaching Methods: Information Processes and Technology 6cp 
013248  Technological and Applied Studies Teaching Methods: Software Design and Development 6cp 
013246  Technological and Applied Studies Teaching Methods: Technology (Mandatory) 6cp 
013105  The Multilingual Learner 6cp 
Total  24cp