University of Technology Sydney

028992 Shaping Meaningful Worlds: Language Texts and Context

6cp; 3hpw (workshop); availability: exchange and study abroad students with faculty approval


This subject aims to develop student capacity to use language appropriately, imaginatively and precisely for a diverse range of purposes, contexts and audiences. The subject emphasises writing for different purposes and audiences, and provides opportunities for students to respond to and compose a wide array of texts with increasing confidence, capability and enjoyment. The subject develops student knowledge, skills and understanding about composing short and extended texts for different purposes, drawing attention to developing effective structures and language, including the effective flow of ideas, paragraphing, sentence construction and vocabulary. Students also read, view and discuss texts to identify, analyse and evaluate purposes, forms and features to further assist in their composition of texts. The subject also requires students to develop their skills in listening, speaking, viewing and representing through their engagement with texts and each other.

Typical availability

Autumn D session, City campus

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