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013248 Technological and Applied Studies Teaching Methods: Software Design and Development

Requisite(s): 96 credit points of completed study in spk(s): C10406 Bachelor of Technology Master of Teaching Secondary Education AND 013246 Technological and Applied Studies Teaching Methods: Technology (Mandatory)
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Drawing upon subject content knowledge in the field of software design and development, teacher-education students are supported to produce a software solution to the same scale they would, as graduated teachers, support senior secondary school-students to produce a similar solution. The subject addresses sequencing, programming and the identification and selection of appropriate teaching strategies and resources. Teacher-education students gain competencies in developing key programming documentation. Content includes the appropriate structures for scope and sequence documents, and programs which correctly map learning outcomes to projects and classroom experiences. Lesson planning is considered in the context of a unit of work, incorporating factors of time planning, contingencies and available resources. The subject enables teacher-education students to create documentation that interprets syllabus content into actionable and relevant programs for learning. In addition to lecture input, teacher-education students analyse software design and development syllabus content and relate it to theory and practical tasks for the classroom. Presentations and group discussion supported by online interaction enable validated feedback. Assessment strategies in this subject involve the creation of documents and a software solution that could be used in a school setting. This enables teacher-education students to continue adding to their portfolio of teaching resources.

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