University of Technology Sydney

CBK90869 Electives (Secondary Education)

Students advised in their offer letter that they are required to complete additional teaching content subjects should seek written approval from the course coordinator or subject coordinator prior to enrolment in electives.

Once an appropriate subject has been determined, students must submit an e-request with the email approval attached.

For assistance with contacting the correct person for advice, contact:

Completion requirements

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
013992  Aboriginal Sydney Now 6cp 
013993  Aboriginal Sydney Now 8cp 
59720  Academic English: Communication Fundamentals 6cp 
010051  Beginning Teaching: Surviving and Thriving 6cp 
59355  Developing Academic Writing and Speaking Skills 6cp 
78040  Education: Rights and Responsibilties 6cp 
024412  English Study 2: Images of Australia, the Place and the People - Literary Representations in Prose, Poetry and Drama 6cp 
024413  English Study 3: The Literature of Protest 6cp 
010052  Environmental Sustainability Education 6cp 
021702  ICT in School Education: Current Issues and Applications 6cp 
023821  Inclusive Education: Behaviour 6cp 
013105  Language Development 6cp 
013150  Literacies and Numeracies at Work 6cp 
013106  Mentoring in the Workplace 6cp 
013988  Multiliteracies and Multimodalities 6cp 
024705  Multimodal Texts: Comprehending and Creating 6cp 
026412  Music Moves 6cp 
026411  Music Study 1 6cp 
028289  Numeracy for Lifelong and Lifewide Learning 6cp 
013162  Organisational Learning 6cp 
028413  Science and Technology Study 3: Issues in Science, Technology and Society 6cp 
028992  Shaping Meaningful Worlds: Language Texts and Context 6cp 
010050  Student Welfare: Implications for Teaching and Learning 6cp 
013218  Studio Practice: Painting 6cp 
013994  Teacher as Innovator: Planning and Prototyping Future-focused Learning Design 6cp 
022603  Teaching Across the Curriculum 6cp 
024713  Teaching English in International Contexts 6cp 
013995  The Innovative Teacher: An Introduction to Future-focused Learning Design 6cp 
Total  12cp