University of Technology Sydney

CBK90743 Electives (Engineering)

Select 12 credit points of options:  12cp
42145  3D Scanning Methods for Reverse Engineering 2cp 
42890  4G/5G Mobile Technologies 6cp 
42064  Accelerating STEM Teaching with Stage 6 Engineering Studies 2cp 
42091  Advanced Energy Conversion Systems 6cp 
49312  Advanced Flow Modelling 6cp 
42092  Advanced Power Electronics 6cp 
42144  Advanced Programming and Use of Collaborative Robots 2cp 
32009  Advanced Routing Principles 6cp 
49254  Advanced Soil Mechanics and Foundation Design 6cp 
42991  Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment 6cp 
49049  Air and Noise Pollution 6cp 
49322  Airconditioning 6cp 
49136  Application of Timber in Engineering Structures 6cp 
49098  Applied Financial Management 6cp 
49118  Applied Geotechnics 6cp 
42218  Basic Programming and Use of Collaborative Robots 2cp 
42001  Bioinformatics 6cp 
49261  Biomedical Instrumentation 6cp 
42906  Biomedical Signal Processing 6cp 
49131  Bridge Design 6cp 
49255  Catchment Modelling 6cp 
42904  Cloud Computing and Software as a Service 6cp 
42035  Cloud Security 6cp 
49202  Communication Protocols 6cp 
49325  Computer-aided Mechanical Design 6cp 
49151  Concrete Technology and Practice 6cp 
49116  Contaminated Site and Waste Remediation 6cp 
49329  Control of Mechatronic Systems 6cp 
42000  Cryptography 6cp 
42036  Cyber Security for Mobile Platforms 6cp 
32548  Cybersecurity 6cp 
32606  Database 6cp 
49127  Decentralised Environmental Systems 6cp 
49928  Design Optimisation for Manufacturing 6cp 
42136  Design for Automation: Food and Beverage Production 2cp 
42138  Design for Automation: Prefab Construction Manufacturing 2cp 
42135  Design for Automation: Product and Equipment Manufacturing 2cp 
42907  Design for Durability 6cp 
43801  Digital Engineering Fundamentals 6cp 
43802  Digital Engineering Management 6cp 
42127  Digital Engineering for Infrastructure and Facilities 12cp 
32309  Digital Forensics 6cp 
49003  Economic Evaluation 6cp 
42059  Electronic Components and Fabrication 6cp 
32557  Enabling Enterprise Information Systems 6cp 
43026  Energy Economics, Optimisation and Policy 6cp 
32570  Enterprise Architecture Practice 6cp 
49125  Environmental Risk Assessment 6cp 
49115  Facade Engineering 6cp 
49047  Finite Element Analysis 6cp 
49256  Flood Estimation 6cp 
49117  Floodplain Risk Management 6cp 
32555  Fundamentals of Software Development 6cp 
49257  Geographic Information Systems 6cp 
32563  IT Professional and Society 6cp 
43011  Industrial Control System Security 6cp 
42891  Infrastructure for Cloud Computing 6cp 
99200  Intercultural Communication 6cp 
42095  Introduction to Building Information Modelling 6cp 
43029  Introduction to Humanitarian Engineering 6cp 
42057  Introduction to Space Communications and Sensing 6cp 
42090  Introduction to Sustainable Microgrids 6cp 
42037  IoT Security 6cp 
49001  Judgment and Decision Making 6cp 
32524  LANS and Routing 6cp 
49069  Leadership and Responsibility 6cp 
42137  Managing Modern Industrial Automation 2cp 
49002  Managing Projects 6cp 
42146  Manual Methods for Reverse Engineering 2cp 
49316  Materials Handling 6cp 
42068  Modelling and Design of Underground Structures 6cp 
32011  Multilayer Switched Networks 6cp 
32310  Network Security Appliances 6cp 
49275  Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic 6cp 
49258  Pavement Analysis and Design 6cp 
42066  Planning, Field Investigation and Monitoring for Tunnels 6cp 
49150  Prestressed Concrete Design 6cp 
49119  Problematic Soils and Ground Improvement Techniques 6cp 
32541  Project Management 6cp 
49309  Quality Planning and Analysis 6cp 
49006  Risk Management in Engineering 6cp 
49106  Road Engineering Practice 6cp 
42913  Social and Information Network Analysis 6cp 
42027  Software Defined Networks 6cp 
49274  Space Robotics 6cp 
42143  Statistical Process Control 2cp 
49133  Steel and Composite Design 6cp 
42020  Structural Design for Blast Loads 6cp 
49134  Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 6cp 
42900  Sustainability and Information Systems 6cp 
42912  Sustainable Energy Resources 6cp 
32520  Systems Administration 6cp 
49004  Systems Engineering for Managers 6cp 
32603  Systems Quality Management 6cp 
32931  Technology Research Methods 6cp 
49016  Technology and Innovation Management 6cp 
49102  Traffic and Transportation 6cp 
42065  Tunnel Boring Machines and Trenchless Technologies 6cp 
32547  UNIX Systems Programming 6cp 
42067  Underground Construction and Management 6cp 
49107  Urban Stormwater Design 6cp 
49680  Value Chain Engineering Systems 6cp 
49123  Waste and Pollution Management 6cp 
32118  Wireless Communications 6cp 
49227  Wireless Sensor Networks 6cp 
Total  12cp