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42035 Cloud Security

6cp; 3hpw
Requisite(s): 32548 Cybersecurity


Cloud computing emerges as a modern computing paradigm for on-demand delivery of computing resources as utilities. It offers unlimited computing resources to users in a pay-as-you-go model with a higher level of quality of service such as availability and reliability in a substantially reduced infrastructure cost. Due to these offerings, government agencies, organisations and industries are increasingly moving towards cloud-based enterprise IT solutions. In order to understand the impacts of adaptation of cloud-based solutions in businesses from cyber security perspectives, students must understand and learn the fundamentals of security, privacy and trust in cloud systems, and be able to apply them in practice.

In this subject students learn how to develop trustworthy applications through project-based learning. They implement a secure cloud application using one of the available cloud services (eg AWS). Through the project, students learn the practical skills necessary to evaluate and develop secure cloud solutions as well as a fundamental understanding of security, privacy and trust in a cloud system.

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Spring session, City campus

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