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32548 Cybersecurity

6cp; 1.5hpw (workshop), 1.5hpw (tutorial)
Requisite(s): 32524c LANS and Routing OR 49202c Communication Protocols
The lower case 'c' after the subject code indicates that the subject is a corequisite. See definitions for details.
Recommended studies:

a good understanding of internet protocols, web systems and how interconnected systems are built using these protocols; a sound knowledge of using Unix/Linux system commands is required to complete lab exercises



This subject consolidates the student's understanding of cybersecurity by considering security principles, methodologies and technologies both from a technical and management perspective used in practice. The subject allows students to learn about and discuss various cyber-attack techniques used in practice, and methods to defend against such attacks using industry standard tools and techniques. Topics include cyber-attacks and defenses, web security, firewalls, intrusion detection systems along with security services such as confidentiality, integrity, authentication (CIA) and technologies such as IPSec, SSL, PGP and S/MIME.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus

Spring session, City campus

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