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49309 Quality Planning and Analysis

6cp; 3hpw; availability: all courses
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Quality is one of the main success factors for organisations, whether they operate in manufacturing or service and transactional sectors. A sound quality management system, based on modern and up-to-date quality planning and analysis tools and techniques, reduces rejects, warranty claims and the need for costly rework. It helps to preserve customer goodwill and builds a brand loyalty based on objective criteria rather than illusions.

Topics covered in this subject include:

  • quality and its modern definition
  • analysis of customer needs and customer satisfaction
  • integrating quality into design of products and services
  • managing supplier relations and quality of supplies
  • monitoring and statistical analysis of process quality, and
  • continuous quality improvement methods and programs.

Typical availability

Autumn session, City campus
Spring session, City campus
This subject is also available in Hong Kong and Shanghai to offshore students only.

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