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42900 Sustainability and Information Systems

6cp; 3hpw (1.5hr lecture, 1.5hr tutorial)
Requisite(s): 32557 Enabling Enterprise Information Systems
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This subject explores the rising and complex challenges affecting organisational sustainability in the 21st century. Sustainability here is viewed from multidimensional perspectives to encompass environmental, technological, social, and economic sustainability of contemporary organisations and their operations. To achieve sustainability objectives, collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders, often mediated through the use of information technologies and collaborative media, is essential. This however poses significant and often existential challenges to many organisations attempting to apply traditional, structured, and short-term approaches in their operations, as well as considerable opportunities for innovative, collaborative, technology savvy, and long-term focused organisations.

Consequently, the subject invites students to proactively and innovatively reflect on these issues and their effect on organisational leadership and management. In such reflection, students are encouraged to consider various real and hypothetical case-based scenarios, where they identify and evaluate challenges to sustainability, and recommend informed, innovative, collaborative, and rigorously supported arguments and policy initiatives.

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Spring session, City campus

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