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42059 Electronic Components and Fabrication

6cp; 3hpw. Forms of attendance and mode of delivery in this subject have changed to enable social distancing and reduce the risks of spreading COVID-19 in our community.
Requisite(s): 49227 Wireless Sensor Networks
Anti-requisite(s): 41034 IoT Components and Fabrication

Fields of practice: Telecommunications and Electronics



This subject covers hardware technologies in Internet of Things (IoT) nodes at the component level, with particular focus on the possibilities offered by miniaturisation and nanotechnology.

Being able to open the 'component boxes' and become familiar with current miniaturised technologies and their capabilities and limitations is a crucial requirement for meaningful design of an IoT system and for anticipating the next technological advances to unlock radical innovation.

Students learn about the diverse electronic and photonic components required in a miniaturised system. They achieve a basic command of semiconductor physics and technologies, the working principles of miniaturised logic, communication and sensing devices, their performance windows/specifications and how they are fabricated and packaged. Students are also able to discern the concepts of performance, quality and reliability, and overall, they are able to select a class of components and electronic/photonic approaches to build a miniaturised system for a solving a given real life problem.

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Spring session, City campus

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