University of Technology Sydney

CBK92278 Education Futures Electives and Modern Languages

Select 60 credit points of options:  60cp
91161  Cell Biology and Genetics 6cp 
028004  Ceramics and Claymation 6cp 
65111  Chemistry 1 6cp 
65212  Chemistry 2 6cp 
028003  Children's Literature and Drama for Primary School 6cp 
012242  Creative Arts Education for Primary Schools 6cp 
33116  Design, Data, and Decisions 6cp 
028228  Digital Supported Learning 6cp 
37181  Discrete Mathematics 6cp 
91154  Ecology 6cp 
028215  English Education: Language in Use 6cp 
012240  English Education: The Early Years 6cp 
35010  Foundation Mathematics 6cp 
91400  Human Anatomy and Physiology 6cp 
013443  Human Society and its Environment in Primary Education 6cp 
013404  Inclusive Education 6cp 
013102  Introducing Knowledge about Language 6cp 
028216  Languages Education 6cp 
33130  Mathematics 1 6cp 
012241  Mathematics Education for Primary School 1 6cp 
013449  Mathematics Education for Primary School 2 6cp 
013238  Mathematics Teaching Methods 1 6cp 
024705  Multimodal Texts: Comprehending and Creating 6cp 
52690  Narrative in Theory and Practice 6cp 
91123  Nature and Evolution 6cp 
028289  Numeracy for Lifelong and Lifewide Learning 6cp 
013444  Personal Development, Health and Physical Education for Primary School 6cp 
68101  Physics 1 6cp 
68201  Physics 2 6cp 
013451  Professional Experience: Classroom Management 6cp 
013453  Professional Experience: Teacher Performance Assessment 6cp 
013452  Professional Experience: Teaching EAL/D and Literacy in Primary Schools 6cp 
013450  Professional Experience: The Primary School Child 6cp 
013407  Resetting the Future: Indigenous Australian Education 6cp 
013243  Science Teaching Methods 1 6cp 
013448  Science and Technology Education for Primary Schools 6cp 
028253  TESOL: Methodology 6cp 
91107  The Biosphere 6cp 
013105  The Multilingual Learner 6cp 
028214  Understanding and Using Educational Data 6cp 
52691  Writing and Editing Foundations 6cp 
Total  60cp